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It’s time to use the weapon of Whatsapp Marketing Services because it is a real-time communication method which is more customized and robust. Client interaction is crucial to growing your business but when you want to share the same information with multiple clients, choosing the reliable source of Bulk Whatsapp Service Provider is an effective notion.

Why bulk whatsapp sms service is trending India?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting apps in India. It can help you to connect with your clients directly because most people do not read text Bulk SMS which is a traditional interaction approach. Bulk whatsapp sms companies allows you to instantly send a promotional message through the Whatsapp sender software on multiple numbers (in a bulk manner). The readability percentage of Whatsapp messaging is around 90%. which is enough to generating the new leads for business. It is very simple and effecive marketing method as compare to other promotional tool.

Advantages of Bulk Whatsapp Message Service

Create Personal Touch with Whatsapp Business API: It helps you to establish a personal touch with every client through multiple chats. Bulk Whatsapp Service Provider in Delhi helps you to manage this easily because the team ensures personalized support on every level.

More Conversation, More Leads: Whatsapp Bulk Message Price in India is affordable for businesses compared to other marketing techniques. You can convey more and generate more leads. Whatsapp is the only platform that allows one to send messages without limits, just like text messages. By using the feature of more characters, you can talk more about the business promotion goals.

No Geo-Locations Limits: You can interact with the audience across borders, and that’s why Whatsapp Bulk Message Services also help find customers across international borders. You can communicate with people without the geo-location limits.

Whatsapp Bulk Message Price in India

Quantities Per MSG Price GST(18%) Total Pay Now
5k MSG 23 Paisa 1150 207 Rs.1357 Buy
10k MSG 21 Paisa 2100 378 Rs.2478 Buy
25k MSG 19 Paisa 4750 855 Rs.5605 Buy
50k MSG 17 Paisa 8500 1530 Rs.10030 Buy
1 lac MSG 15 Paisa 15000 2700 Rs.17700 Buy
3 Lac MSG 13 Paisa 39000 7020 Rs.46020 Buy
5 lac MSG 12 Paisa 60000 10800 Rs.70800 Buy


  • 1500 Characters Text message
  • 4 Images (of 1 mb each)
  • 1 PDF (of 1 mb)
  • 1 Video (of 3 mb)
  • 2 Call to Action Button
  • Easy to Understand
  • CONTACT US FOR Whatsapp Business API

Service Terms

  • Pay Only For Delivery
  • No Plugin Required
  • No DLT Required
  • Web Panel Gateway
  • Multi Language Support
  • Easy to Understand
  • Campaign Timing 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM
  • Campaign Delivery within 1-2 Hours
  • Sunday Off - No Delivery

Payment Options


(UPI Payment - 9911667976@UPI)


Account No: 46240100015405

Bank : Bank Of India



Drive Audience & Blow Revenue Goals

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Bulk Whatsapp Marketing – Make Your Business Communication Easier and Smarter

Are you finding bulk whatsapp marketing services in Delhi NCR for your business? Whatsapp bulk message sender software could be better for small and medium business entities. They are looking for cost-effective solutions. You can make your client conversation easier and smarter by choosing the bulk whatsapp service provider in India. We live in the modern world with comprehensive solutions for one task. Bulk Whatsapp Messaging by Hashtag SMS is the premium choice for your business to set- up the communication goals with your clients. Smart business communication is crucial for companies to set up a new approach for approaching clients towards marketing strategy and promotion ideas. Bulk Whatsapp SMS Service helps you maintain regular communication with your clients.

Whatsapp Bulk Message Services – FAQs

Whatsapp Bulk SMS Services in Delhi allow businesses to send multiple messages on multiple numbers at once with a customization approach.

Whatsapp bulk message sender works through the API and Software. The service provider companies develop and design these APIs and Software to provide bulk message services. The process is based on the apps, custom software, and API.

You can send bulk messages on Whatsapp while using the API or Software. Both are the ideal solution but getting the services of Bulk Whatsapp Messages Company is quite easier and affordable for businesses.

Creating a new communication method is important for businesses, and it is possible with Bulk Whatsapp Messaging Services in Delhi India.

In the market various company available, but Hashtag SMS is one of the most trusted company that offer bulk whatsapp sms service at best price with best support.

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